Sunday, February 28, 2010

"Walk On" by U2

Right now I am in Philadelphia. Tomorrow I report to staging. Here is a brief report of the last week:

Last Saturday I had a little Bon Voyage BBQ in a park. Of course out of the 5 or so days a year Phoenix has cold and rainy weather, last Saturday was one. Despite the weather, I think it went pretty well and everyone seemed to have fun especially once the Apples to Apples started going. Maximus and Bonsai were there but they weren't the best friends Monica and I had been hoping they would be.

The next week I tried my best to pack. It is very difficult because I really do not have a good idea of what is required. The packing list is prefaced as recommendations. Things like 1 or 2 sets of full sized sheets are pretty much impossible to take with the limits of 80 pounds and my two hands.

Philly has been great as usual. The flower show wasn't really my style but there were some interesting things. The pressed flower photos and some of the competitions were neat. I was amazed at the Bonsai trees that are 100 years old and have had decades of training. For the final night Megan, Diann and I certainly lived it up!

For the song selection, I chose "Walk On" by U2, cuz with PC should simplify their packing list to "the only baggage that you can bring is all that you can't leave behind", physically and emotionally.

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